Dance in the digital age

There’s been a paradigm shift in all fields of human endeavour. So it is not surprising to see art becoming entertainment. And in digital India, everything has taken on newer avatars.

“Contemporary art scene in India is getting more and more vibrant. This is because people want to make sense of their experiences of living in a modern world. They are constantly looking for ways to process the issues and their concerns and fears. We could engage with contemporary arts as a maker or a receiver. I often think that our body is the carrier of many experiences , which in a way shape who we are and define our identity. Therefore, when you work with your body, you are not only engaging with layers of history and heritage but also processing many of your deeper and personal thoughts. Therefore, contemporary dance as a medium is sacred and when expressed with commitment and conviction, encapsulates the spirit and pulse of our times,” says master of this medium Jayachandran Palazhy, who is the artistic director, Attakkalari Centre for Movement Arts.........Read more


Source web page:The Hindu


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