Culture Needs Support. Now.

Whenever I reach out to companies for corporate social responsibility (CSR) to support classical dance, I am told that there are other priorities; school classrooms have to be built, toilets have to be constructed. Yes. Of course. Those are both highly immediate concerns of our nation. But if we ask the classical arts to wait till the very last classroom is built or till every family in our country can access a toilet, I am afraid there will not be much performing art culture to support in future.

That is because the arts need support now. The gurus who are there today may no longer exist two decades later when CSR seeks culture to support. Their fragile banis and paramparas will be in oblivion. Already, in the past 70 years of our nation’s history so many banis have been lost and/or been diluted. 

That is why I always say that some support to the performing arts must be considered sacred at all time. The most fragile of the arts—classical dance and theatre—cannot face the pressure of the market since they do not have ready products to sell outside of their performances. The case of the folk art forms is even more fragile. As entertainment becomes more electronic and more mega-event oriented, the small, the weak and the fragile cannot and will not be able to survive.

That is why we remain dependent on state/government support for the arts to offset this fragile future......Read more


Source web page: New indian express

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