Kolkata Centre for Creativity: A dodgy blurring of lines

A fabulous endeavour that needs to curate its art more rigorously

For an enthusiast, walking on to the fifth floor of the 70,000 sq. ft. Kolkata Centre for Creativity (KCC) is like stepping into art heaven. Clear glass skylight and walls pour warm November sunlight into a gleaming white quadrangle that’s dominated by an enormous bamboo-and-pith Ravana made by students the day before. On the sides are racks and racks of art books and material samples (like gold dust or polymer clay) of every conceivable kind.

At the far end are printers: a 3D printer that’s churning out an elephant in some kind of plastic, a large format digital printer, a laser cutter that’s etching out signages. All these resources will soon be available at a membership cost, say the organisers.

The ground floor has been set aside as 10,000 sq. ft. of exhibition space, the first floor showcases high-end artifacts and replicas sourced from around the world, while the second floor markets customised handicrafts (in a collaboration with designer Rajeev Sethi). In a nod to culinary art, a cafeteria specialises in signature vegetarian cuisine.

Two things are immediately clear: first that a lot of money and care has gone into the project, and second that Kolkata, and indeed every Indian city, urgently needs spaces like these. For this, the Kolkata-based Emami Group is to be congratulated.....TRead more


Source web page: The hindu

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