Your next weekend getaway — a studio

Traffic snarls or a bad day at work… de-stress with classes around the city that offer more than just a turn at the potter’s wheel.

“You need to try it to know it,” says artist, sculptor and photographer Dewakar Chandran as he drags a low stool and places it in front of a clay wheel. There are three of those at his plush Life and Art studio in Adyar (started in 2013) — two imported and one made in India. A blob of clay is pinched out from the stock, and slapped onto the centre of the wheel, which looks like a steel pan placed upside down. With minimal instructions, he switches on the machine. The clay slides smoothly on the inside of our palms — a cool ticklish sensation. “It’s soothing, almost relaxing. IT and business professionals, foreigners, housewives and engineering students come over during the weekends, and spend hours just playing with the clay,” he laughs.

Traffic snarls, a bad day at work, or an ugly fight — all of it, apparently, can be swept away by getting a little messy. There is proof. Art seems to “reduce stress and anxiety; increase positive emotions; and improve flow and spontaneity, positive identity, and social networks”, according to research (published in the American Journal of Public Health). “It is therapeutic. It helps you forget all other problems, and concentrate on the clay,” he says..................Read more


Source: The Hindu

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