Yards of creativity

Textile revivalist Jaya Jaitly talks about her gamchha project, Kunal Ray listens in.

Jaya Jaitly is an indefatigable crusader of our crafts and textiles. For the past several decades, she has been working tirelessly through her Dastkari Haat Samiti to empower artisans and spreadawareness about Indian crafts. Her latest effort is to revive the handspun gamchha (the mutli-coloured cotton towel) used in various parts of India. Excerpts from an interview with the conservationist.

What led you to conceive this project?

Like the lungi, the gamchha has been an essential part of the lives of the working class male population of India . While the lungi has almost succumbed to powerlooms, the gamchha continues to be the poor man’s comfort clothing.

However, cheap Chinese towels are taking over many of the pavements in UP, Bengal, Bihar and Odisha................Read more


Source: The Hindu

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