Walk into the Past in Ahmedabad

It is a kaleidoscopic treat for history buffs. Heritage walks at Dhal ni Pol, one of the oldest areas of Ahmedabad as well as one of the largest residential clusters of its walled city, are showcasing the artistic heritage of Gujarat’s capital from woodcarvings, stuccowork and glass decorations of the historical buildings to its vibrant living traditions: embroidery, block printing, tie-dye and other handiwork by craftswomen.

The popular Crafts Heritage Walk and the Ashawal Walk, launched in September 2015, are a joint initiative of French Haveli, SEWA Foundation and Mahila Housing Trust. These seek to rejuvenate the pol (a housing cluster comprising families of a particular group, linked by caste or profession) by bringing its heritage into focus and promoting its handicrafts, food products and home stays..............Read more


Source: The New Indian Express

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