The fine lace on the edges

It is around 3 p.m. and on the outskirts of Kochi, 12 young and elderly women sit on benches in a small house busy with needle and thread. The precision with which they have been creating a delicate design on a length of white fabric has made them oblivious to our arrival. It seems they are almost deafened by their work. As we approach them, an elderly woman peers through her black-rimmed glasses and points towards another leaning over a wooden table at the far end of the room, afraid we might distract her concentration. She too is busy with work, a multitude of threads in various colours spilling out of a large yellow box. As we settle in for a conversation, I am told that the skill of creating such fine embroidery is almost gone. “I learnt it from Mother Bernard, an English nun. That was 48 years ago, when everyone was keen to learn the details of this craft. Today, there are few of us here who know this craft,” explained Annama, who heads the gathering where women meet daily to crochet and embroider...............Click for more


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