Spring‘board’ to plating perfection

Wooden cutting boards are essential for food photography, and this Chennai-based company is hand-crafting them using locally sourced material, writes SUSANNA MYRTLE LAZARUS

We’ve all scrolled through our favourite food blogger’s Instagram, wondering how much time and effort it took to make those cupcakes look so appetising. The fluffy-looking snack sits artfully on a wooden platter, with a tastefully burnished background highlighting the icing.

Food photography isn’t an easy task, and with a deluge of food bloggers, it’s that much more important for their pictures to stand out.

For a long time, they had to resort to buying expensive boards from the United States or Europe — not to mention the high shipping costs, unless you had someone coming to India, who was kind enough to lug along a heavy package.................Read more


Source: The Hindu

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