Rickshaw puller makes wooden miniatures

It’s almost dusk and the petty shops on the Pichu Pillai Junction, Mylapore, are bustling with activity. As we walk towards East Mada Street, a tricycle, decked with a few rubber dolls grab our attention. When we try to find the owner of the vehicle, Karunanidhi, who is fondly known as Karuna runs our way and tells us that he owns it. He wants to know if we are looking for a savaari. “I ferry goods and also transport light weight furniture, in case someone is shifting their house,” explains the 47-year-old resident of Mylapore. 

As we chat, a vividly painted miniature raatinam and a ratham (chariot) decked in glitter paper makes us pace towards it. “I do this whenever I get time. It’s made of hand cut wood!” he beams knocking the wooden ratham. Despite not having a place to live, Karuna oozes optimism. His smile can make anyone’s day. “This is where anyone who needs me can find me. In the day I work and in the night, that’s where I go sleep,” he says pointing to the platform opposite to his ‘workspace’. “People here have known me for over 40 years and they trust me with any job. I am their protector and they are mine!” he claims...Read more


Source web page:New Indian Express

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