Making room for the loom

The weavers of Panjukalipatti in Salem district have been quietly keeping alive the allure of the silk sari, despite roadblocks

At first, Panjukalipatti looks like any other sylvan village brushed aside by the mighty highway in Tamil Nadu. But listen closely, and a sound akin to a gushing waterfall and a train’s rattle becomes apparent. Soon, as the billboards advertising silk sari showrooms come into view, the sound explains itself. It is from the looms — powered by man and machine — that know no holiday.

Situated approximately 20 km from Salem, Panjukalipatti has emerged as a key supplier of silk saris to most of the big retailers in Tamil Nadu, besides exporting furnishing materials to Western countries. Not bad for a village that was once known for its mat-weaving industry....................Read more


Source: The Hindu

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