Keeping the flock together: Artist Niharika Rajput’s upcoming projects

A permanent installation, an app and a play. Conservation artist Niharika Rajput on what to look forward to at this year’s edition of the Ladakh Bird Festival

In September, when temperatures in Ladakh plummet below -10 degrees C, Delhi-based artist Niharika Rajput will be busy getting children and adults interested in the rich avian treasure of the land. She will speak to them about the elegant Black-necked crane and why it is important to protect it. The sessions are part of her Art for Wildlife Conservation Project, which has completed two editions so far.

As an Army kid, Rajput made quite a few places home. She grew up in Army cantonments amid butterflies and insects. That love spilled over to birds when her family lived in Tibri Cantt, Gurdaspur, Punjab. “I was used to seeing pigeons and crows, and then, when I was about 10, I saw this spectacle in blue, red and white. I grabbed an Olympus camera that I did not know to operate, and clicked. We had a good laugh later — I’d forgotten to zoom, and the bird was a tiny speck in the photo,” says the 26-year-old known for her handcrafted miniature bird sculptures.

That White-throated kingfisher triggered a life-long love affair with birds. Today, Rajput, is also a conservation artist, who has fused her interest in the winged creatures and art to drive home the message of conservation, and she bats for them using a variety of materials and infinite patience.....Read more


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