Fruits of the loom

From the little-known Mubarakpur weave to malkha and mashroo, the market for handlooms is seeing a huge upswing

For seven years now, Bhubaneswar-based designer Gunjan Jain has been combing the weaving villages of Odisha for dying motifs, unusual dyes and weaves. In the process, she has expanded the handloom lovers' vocab beyond the familiar ikat. Dhalapathar, Habaspuri, Kotpad, Koraput, rare Bomkais...they've all become must-haves.

Jain gives the traditional saris a smart twist with contemporary colours and designs. At bazaars, melas and e-commerce sites, her experimental work has a dedicated following that is not fazed by her prices: a stunning thick cotton mustard Bomkai tussar cotton may cost Rs 9,000, a price no one once paid for a cotton sari.............Read more


Source: The Times of India

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