Crafting Memories

Open your wardrobe and more often than not you will come across old T-shirts, kurtas, dupattas, saris, and what-have-you—things no longer of any use to you but you are too sentimental about them to give them away. So, they lie in some forgotten corner till they are moth-eaten and lost in time.

Delhi-based social activist-turned-entrepreneur sisters Ayesha and Manisha Desai, founders of Cornucopia Concepts Pvt Ltd, have come up with ways to make your memories stay alive well past their shelf-life.

‘Cornucopia’ means nature’s inexhaustible abundance, and this is what the Desai sisters are giving to society. They are crafting discarded clothes into one-of-its-kind pieces to be showcased with pride.

Passionate about the environment and always on the lookout to reuse and repurpose everything, Manisha began experimenting with old clothes a couple of years ago. Soon, the sisters realised that they could help preserve memories and the environment at the same time. And Cornucopia was born in February 2017....Read more


Source web page:New Indian Express

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