Co-optex Weavers Get Ready for Electronic Power Handloom

In an effort to ease the woes of silk weavers, the State government has started a training module for traditional silk weavers to handle a new range of electronic weaving machines. These are intended to make work less demanding for the weavers.

The government has had the technology for nearly two years and the move to introduce the traditional silk weaver to this format is going on now. A batch of silk weavers in Kancheepuram just completed a 60-day training programme to learn to work on this new machine that looks very similar to their own looms back home.

Some physical differences are quickly noticed — the pen drive slot, the absence of graphic cardboard sheets where designs are embedded, and of course, the overhead Jacquard that determines the intricacies of the weave, all packed in an electronic box...................Read more


Source: The New Indian Express

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