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IShippo’s Karma Bhutia wants to take Indian handicrafts global by tying up with exporters

Karma Bhutia, founder and chief executive of online handicrafts retailer iShippo, hails from the hilly terrains of Sikkim in north-eastern India. He has memories of a childhood spent with schoolmates who helped their families earn a living by herding cattle. Since herding involved much standing or sitting around, the boys would while away time by cutting down bamboo to make crude flutes.

Forty-one-year-old Bhutia remembers many other instances from his childhood where the creativity of people in far-flung areas like his village in Khamdong shone through. “They used to make tokris (baskets), mudahs (low stools) and madhal or mridangams (drums) at home in my village,” he says..................Read more


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