50 shades of Chennai

Filmmaker BR Ram Kumar captures religious, secular practices of Chennai

When asked why he decided to change his path from ad filmmaking to documentaries, BR Ram Kumar says Google is the answer. "I know Google is the go-to for everything, but you could say I wanted to take things a click further," says Kumar.

That's why, after 35 years in the commercial world, Kumar decided to take a different path, creating shots on the religious and secular traditions, lifestyles and monuments of Chennai, the city of his birth and residence.

"I wanted to film and document practices that make Chennai what it is, so people can see it for themselves," says Kumar, who started Madras Documentary Company a couple of years ago. "I also wanted to look at lesser-known communities and traditions," adds the 62-year-old filmmaker, who has opened his site to contributions from other Indian filmmakers who want to showcase their films on unique aspects of the country.....................Read more


Source: The Times of India

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