For the love of indigo

When creations in indigo and white are a rage, a look at the slow process of using natural, plant-based indigo and its merits over the chemical dye

There’s a magnetic lure when one spots an indigo-white creation. Designers are at it nationally and globally, and retail players peddle hard-to-resist indigo collections. An outfit is purchased, worn and there’s no dearth of compliments. The magic stays until the fabric is put to wash. The colour runs, and runs some more, with each wash. None of the DIY tips help. At times, one doesn’t have to wait till the fabric is washed. A friend ended up with blue on her palms hours after wearing an indigo kurta that cost her a few thousands; another saw, to her horror, a white palazzo take on a blue tinge wherever it was in contact with the indigo kurta. Hilarious horror tales are aplenty.

The bitter truth lies in the retail sector using synthetic, chemical indigo. Those who painstakingly work with natural dyes, like Bina and Keshav Rao of Creative Bee Foundation and Ratna Krishna Kumar of Aranya Naturals, are observing the increasing use of chemical indigo and consumers being taken for a ride. “Synthetic indigo, from a chemical source, is less expensive compared to the plant-based one,” says Bina. She recalls the time when Kadapa boasted of a large indigo farm..............Read more


Source: The Hindu

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