Finding Context

Exploring Indian scripts and telling the stories behind them, Rajeev Kumar’s Akshar impresses with its colours and skill

F YOU consider calligraphy to be just artistic handwriting, Delhi-based Rajeev Kumar’s works will change your mind. Soon to be displayed in the city,  each of the artist’s strokes and colours are deftly employed with an eye to bring alive the meanings of what is written or tell the story behind them. Take, for example, Apsara. Water (ap) and its flow (sara), which together form the word, are imprinted in blue and white. While this is done to personify mists and clouds, the curves that form the word in the Devanagiri script are indicative of the beauteous damsel the word refers to. The artist employs calligraphy as a means to convey deeper meanings, using verses from the Vedas and other sacred texts.............Read more


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