The rise of the performance art

Going beyond gallery spaces, the rise of performance art indicates the changing relationship between the spectator and artist

A crossover genre with multiple influences, performance art continues to be intriguing, strange and full of surprises as it increasingly occupies more space in the arts arena in the country. Often immersive, amusing and rooted in radical acts, performance art is still considered relatively nascent in the Indian contemporary art scene. It eludes definition and sometimes baffles the public, leaving them wondering about what can really be called art. It also indicates the changing relationship between the spectator and artist into a participative and interactive one, going beyond gallery spaces and seeking new venues.

Challenging conventions

At a recent event in Delhi, the first performance art work of the Shalini Passi Art Foundation, curated by Arshiya Lokhandwala, was hosted at the home of the founder – Shalini Passi, over lunch. A gathering of guests waited and watched as the banner switched, declaring: Lunch is Cancelled. After a short while, accompanied by a band of servers, performance artist Mithu Sen marched out of the house, announcing instructions in gibberish. All were dressed in uniforms matched with a protective pet cone around the neck. The host’s pet, a black pug, was also part of the procession, elaborately adorned with ornaments and settled in a baby carriage. As an act of ‘radical hospitality’, the servers settled at the table and proceeded to feed themselves awkwardly through the cones, while the guests watched.....Read more


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