Medieval art form gets modern twist

Bidri artistes of Bidar take to new canvases

What does a snazzy USB drive cover have to do with the art of Bidri ware that was promoted by the Bahmani kings of the medieval times?

The traditional art, identified with a limited set of designs, is trying to diversify and find a foothold in the present-day market and appeal to younger patrons.

Bidri artistes in Bidar, Karnataka, are moving away from the old portfolio that included flower vases, jewellery boxes and the signature item — the royal hookah and have come up with innovative products such as USB drive covers, office stationery, lampshades and even floor tiles.

Abdul Rauf, national award-winning master craftsman, has been making tiny Bidri pieces with a few line drawings to be fitted on to USB drives.

He has sold around 3,000 pieces to a showroom in Hyderabad. Orders are pouring in, he said. “We had to do this to save on costs and reduce the use of metal,” he for more


Source: The Hindu

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