In pursuit of decking up dying cards

In the verandah of a craft centre in the quaint Raghurajpur village of Odisha, 70-year-old Banamali Mohapatra sits hunched on the floor applying thin strips of colour on a small black circular disc. His fingers do not quiver while drawing the red outline of Lord Vishnu with a fine brush on the disc.

In the next five days, he will paint 95 such pieces, which will showcase the ayudha (weapons) and vahana (a mythical vehicle) of Dasaavataar (10 incarnations) of Lord Vishnu. A block of these 96 discs with miniature paintings will make a Ganjapa playing card set, which is today a dying craft.

Mohapatra is among the four artisans in the village who have kept the ancient craft alive in the village, which is famed for its Pattachitra. Helping him in the initiative are Gangadhar Maharana, 54, Pramod Das, 35 and Prashant Maharana, 27, all from the village.....................Read more


Source: The New Indian Express

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