Caw of the wild

It is so quiet inside Art Houz gallery that you can hear a pin drop... until a murder of crows in the distance decides to disturb it. The hoarse cawing transports artist Vijay Pitchumani to a chaotic morning, five years ago, when his life began to make sense.

Vijay had just passed out of Government College of Fine Arts with a set of skills in painting and printmaking, but little clue about where to use them. Being the first youngster ever to come out of the cocoon that was Pechi Parai, a small village in the foothills of the Western Ghats in Kanyakumari, he was expected to return in asuit, polished shoes and a heavy wallet. But Vijay had just started out in his career. It was a challenge, he admits, but a tougher one was explaining the same to his folks.......Read more


Source: The Hindu

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