Art Theory in the Minor League

Do you recognise the names ‘Frank Lloyd Wright’ or ‘Tadao Ando’? It probably won’t ring a bell for nine out of 10 adults. But the kids at Rainbow Fish Studio, some all of five years old, only need a minute to tell you the answer.

Incidentally we learn, Wright was an American architect famous for his ‘organic methods’ and Ando was a self taught Japanese architect who made the switch from boxing to architecture after he got one look at the Imperial Hotel in Tokyo — designed by none other than Wright.

As they wrap up the last class before the school’s first ever end-of-term showing, one has to admit that the range of the art curriculum is impressive. The icing on the canvas? “There’s no note-taking here,” says the lady behind it all, Sara Vetteth. “We wouldn’t want this to become a chore for the kids.” Instead they have lessons that cover every artist from Picasso to Karim Rashid (Design Thinking), visit museums all over world virtually (Day at the Museum), explore temple design and even urban desi kitch (InDiversity). With a team of 14 faculty members that comes with a range of specialties, “The bottom line is to get them to think like a designer,” Sara for more


Source: The New Indian Express

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