'Aedan': Of love, death and other things

Sanju Surendran on the making of his critically-acclaimed debut feature film, Aedan:Garden of Desire

Sanju Surendran’s debut feature film, Aedan: Garden of Desire, bagged four Kerala State film awards (2017)—for best adapted screenplay, best cinematography, best sound editing and second best feature film. It bagged two more—for best director and best Malayalam film—at the IFFK (2017). The flush of critical acclaim, however, sits lightly on the filmmaker. For him, the important thing is to try and do something new, which he does with flair, in Aedan

Inspired by three short stories written by S Harish, the film does a tight rope walk between beauty and pain. As the narrative moves ahead through three macabre stories that intermingle, the visuals are overwhelmingly beautiful—the grey rain that lashes outside watched through a window of a warmly lit bar, the patterns that sunlight paints on the floor, the moonlit night with a faint Kathakali padam playing in the backdrop.

An underlying sense of morbidity lurks throughout the film. Hari is a failed writer, who settles a score with an old man, who he was friendly with. Neethu is a nurse and she finds love in the unlikeliest of hours, while bringing her father’s corpse from Bangalore to her hometown in Kottayam and Thambi, a well-known thug, is reformed after he meets Jesus Christ, with whom he even takes a photograph. The film, while balancing the surreal and the mundane, treads the troubled territories of human relationships.....Read more


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