SRIT engineers develop device to increase milk yield

The belt-like device also helps lower farmers’ costs

After reading reports of the struggles small farmers engaged in dairy farming encounter to keep ventures going, Shree Rengan and Saanjeev, final-year students of the Sri Ramakrishna Institute of Technology, Coimbatore, conducted an extensive study of milch animals before developing a tool – a belt-like device with sensors, that lowers the cost of animal maintenance.

The two students, along with their mentor, Roger Rozario AP, shared the details of the tool with reporters.

“This belt acts like a watch-dog for indigenous cattle breeds to increase milk yield in Indian farms,” said Shree Rengan.

The Tool

He displayed a flat, belt-like device with four sensors (to do things such as monitoring the pulse and temperature of the cow), an IoT controller and a battery for sending data to the Cloud in real time.

This belt is tied around the neck of the animal. The sensors, embedded in the belt, are strategically placed to capture every movement of the animal.

“A majority of small dairy farms are maintained by women. .....Read more


Source web page: Business Line

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