Mix of cow’s urine, milk helps plants in summer

 Subashree Vijay’s love for gardening started at an early age, where she would nurture a large garden in her hometown, Madurai. When she moved to Chennai a few years ago, into an apartment, she had to find a way to keep in touch with her passion for gardening. “I would grow a few plants on the balcony, but I was never completely satisfied,” she admits. When she finally moved to an independent house ten years ago, she was finally able to let her love for gardening grow as abundantly as her plants. In her large home in Alwarthirunagar, where plants and structures merge as one, she grows everything from vegetables, flowers, fruits and her fondest of all, herbs.  

“I started with planting flowering climbers on the edges of the compound and directing it towards the terrace - forming a natural shade net around the house. Then we planted trees all around, which provided ample shade for the plants,” she says. The physics graduate attended a one-day training in terrace gardening at Coimbatore Agricultural University, and is also currently pursuing a PhD in Bio Physics.

Across her terrace garden, shaded well, you can find bitter gourd, ladies finger, varieties of brinjal, ridge gourd, cowpeas, seven-eight varieties of chillies, lemon, banana, papaya, guava, avocado and mulberry, to name a few. She also grows around 13 varieties of spinach — manathakkali keerai, sakkaravathi keerai, thandu keerai, siru keerai, etc. “We now eat only all these pesticide-free vegetables and fruits grown in my own home. We harvest spinach at least three times a week, the yield is good,” she says. She sources native seeds from seed festivals and sellers. “These have good germination rates and give better yield for longer periods as compared to hybrid varieties,” she says. ....Read more


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