Meet the companies bringing you fresh and unadulterated premium milk

Food writer Pawan Soni noticed a new trend recently. A second white revolution was slowly spreading across India. 

About 48 years after a movement transformed India from a milk-deficient nation to the world’s largest milk producer, Soni is seeing a flurry of queries on how and where to get pure cow milk. His Facebook platform has seen conversations around quality and safety of milk growing manifold — all thanks to premium milk. 

Farm to Table
Premium milk is not another fancy term, says Kanika Yadav, who started Whyte Farms in Alwar to cater to areas in Delhi-NCR. It is fresh, unadulterated and uncontaminated milk delivered within 8-12 hours of milking, explains the teacherturned-entrepreneur who has 200 cows. 

The first few months of her entrepreneurial venture were spent in educating people in her social circle about premium milk. “I had to explain the difference between the dairy milk we get in pouches and what I was planning. A dairy is just a milk aggregator. It collects milk from villages, processes and packs it before sending it to retailers. The process involves mixing several varieties and may take up to four days. This eliminated freshness and one has no chance of knowing the source of the milk....Read more


Source web page: Economic times

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