How India’s buffalo trade has been battered by vigilantes

Uttar Pradesh CM Yogi Adityanath’s order on closure of illegal slaughterhouses, and the resulting vigilantism, has crippled the bovine economy of India

On 24 March, Mohammed Nayeem, 28, a livestock trader, woke up before sunrise and rode to the animal market in Pinjri, about 20km from his home on the outskirts of Aligarh city in Uttar Pradesh. He claims he bought six buffaloes—spent, unproductive animals no longer in milk—to supply to a slaughterhouse which would process the meat for exports.

Nayeem says he loaded the animals in a hired light truck and left for Aligarh around noon, riding alongside on his bike. According to Nayeem, a few kilometres down the highway, a mob of about 20 men stopped the truck, pulled him off his bike, dragged him to a nearby field and began punching and kicking him. He says they hit him with iron rods and hockey sticks, and discussed aloud whether to burn him alive...................Read more


Source: livemint

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