Seeds as heirlooms

The Seed Satyagraha held recently celebrated the cause of the native seed. Experts tell RANJANI RAJENDRA why it is important to know where one’s food is coming from

It’s a warm Sunday afternoon, one that’s best spent napping after a hearty lunch. But I’m at Thakkar Bapa Vidyalaya, that’s teeming with people — families, young professionals and children. In one corner, a farmer sits surrounded by what look like little balls of mud. Several young kids gather around him, listening keenly as he shows them how to create these seed balls, explaining what is conducive to seed health and what is not. In another section, a potter tells his audience how earthen pots are ideal for storing seeds, even as he lets people have a go at his potter’s wheel. Further down the corridor are farmers and vendors displaying their wares — coir planters, native herbs, organic cotton clothing and masalas made from organic produce...................Read more


Source: The Hindu

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