Role of seed treatment in insect pest management

Seed treatment is an application of chemicals to the seeds either at the time of sowing or before sowing which is an alternative to traditional foliar or soil treatment.

Application of insecticides to seeds before or at the time of sowing offers the most effective means of protecting the germinating seed or seedling.

The chemical insecticide is absorbed by the plant tissue and transported in the sap through the entire plant through the vascular system, right up to the top leaf.

The pest ingests the chemical compounds along with the plant juice that is lethal for them.

Natural enemy population such as coccinellids, spiders and chrysoperla remain unharmed.

The efficacy of seed treatment depends upon a mulltitude of interacting factors such as seed type, chemical formulation, compatibility of materials, adjuvants and species of insects etc. Seed treatment with lower doses of imidacloprid, at 5g/kg seed was found effective in controlling jassids up to 60 days after emergence of crop and higher seed cotton yield..................Click for more


Source: The Hindu

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