Planting a good seed

Goodseeds came together as a concept between Sujatha Ramni, Lalith Mitta, Ganesh Margabandhu and Narayan K. Murthy to launch a community-based entity in November last year.

“Going organic means different things to different people; for me it's about how to save the environment, for Sujatha it's about keeping her family healthy, for Lalith it's about keeping ancient traditions alive and for Ganesh it's about increasing rural employment. It's just one word with different meanings, but the idea was to bring all the meanings together and form a community with good seeds, we are all the good seeds,” says Narayan.

The four of them came together with a passion for healthy and natural living; they want to spread the idea of a healthy living that ensures a safe environment for the generations to come........Read More


Source: The Hindu

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