She who tills the land: spotlight on women farmers

City-based Organic Farmers Market trains the spotlight on women cultivators

“About 80% of all farm work is done by women,” says Subha Bhardwaj, a member of a local outfit called Organic Farmers Market. “There are plenty of women farmers, but the ‘farmer’ status is not accorded to them. Land holdings are usually in the name of the man in the family. Even when we think about farmers, an image of a man in a turban and dhoti is what comes to mind. Women are hardly ever portrayed as farmers.”

To change this state of affairs, Organic Farmers Market entered into a collaboration with Tamil Nadu Corporation for Development of Women. The fruit of their labour will be seen this weekend, at their very first all-women organic farmers market.

This will be the first of a monthly series of such markets, and organisers plan to get bigger and better with every edition. “We are roping in farmers from all districts of Tamil Nadu, in rotation. So the ones you meet and interact with this month, may not be there next month,” says Subha.

In addition to the produce the farmers bring with them, there will also be a traditional food court aimed at educating visitors about ethnic food preparations. “Millets, for example, are very popular right now.  A lot of well-meaning people are buying millets, knowing they are healthy, but they don’t know many ways to cook it. So we will have a few demonstrations on millet cooking for the people.” So look out for food stalls, stalls providing alternatives for plastic bags, those selling seed-filled Ganesha idols, and more....Read more


Source web page: The hindu

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