On an organic quest

Does buying organic food also mean you are eating responsibly? Not always, as it turns out. The writer goes directly to the farmers to find out how to shop, and eat better

There’s an annoying self-satisfied swagger about hipster organic stores; the ones with artfully-lit, Instagram-ready baskets of fastidiously rustic fruit. Exotic vegetables flaunting back-stories more romantic than anything you could ever find on Tinder. Boasting of ‘lovingly hand-pounded, responsibly made, locally-grown, ethically produced, vegan, wild honey-laced’ breakfast cereals that taste like diligently toasted sand.

Let’s not even get started on their star customers, swathed in overpriced ethnic handloom, diamonds and self-congratulatory smugness. They dexterously manage to post virtuous Facebook updates about changing the world, one organic carrot at a time, even as they fill their baskets with home-grown quinoa, designer ghee and gently wilting broccoli................Read more


Source: The Hindu

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