Moringa seedlings fetch better income than just pods and leaves

Tamil Nadu is well known for Moringa cultivation in different districts. Though there are more than a dozen and odd varieties, many are area specific, which thrive well in that particular region alone.

For example a variety called sugarcane moringa (named after sugarcane because of its sweetness and taste) is specific to Paramathy, near Karur.

“Moringa is one crop which is still not commercially exploited fully. The oil from its pods serves as a good lubricant for watches, clocks and aircraft, but how many really know about this?

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“Commercially there are no machines available for the oil extraction. A tree which requires practically no expense for its care, yet gives back multifold returns in terms of leaves, pods, stem, bark etc needs to be popularised among farmers to make them take up its cultivation on a larger scale. The fact that from one acre this tree can generate more than Rs. 1 lakh during peak season a year is something which farmers need to experience personally,” says Mr. N. Madhu Balan, agriculture extension adviser and administrator of Vivasayam karkalam on face book........Read more


Source web page:THE HINDU

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