In search of a fruit tree

Chennai has the right weather for many fruit-bearing trees, but lack of rain and poor upkeep has left government nurseries without saplings
If you are a tree lover who wishes to raise fruit bearing trees in your backyard, here is good news and bad news: With just a few square foot of land you can have some trees, but the gov ernment horticulture nurseries just don't have enough saplings.

Fruit-bearing tree saplings such as mango, jackfruit, guava, pomegranate, sapodilla and custard apple are supposed to be sold in the department-owned nursery in Aathur, a village near Chengalpet. One has to travel nearly 60km to the south on the GST Road and another 2.8km west after reaching Chengalpet town to get to the nursery.............Read more


source web page:THE TIMES OF INDIA

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