How Organic is the Organic Food?

Sikkim in India is the Organic State. The complete produce, may be the fruits and vegetables or the wheat and moreover the spices, daals and other cereals are all organic because there was no agrochemicals used for the growth of the crops.

Some time back there was a craze for the organic fruits and vegetables and the grocery also. Shops were publicizing that they sell only organic. They were also charging higher rates than the conventional produce. Is it correct. How these organic are organic.? What are the standards to check whether the produce is organic or not. Let us see that how organic is organic?

The United Nations’ recent declaration of Sikkim as the world's first Organic State has brought the big organic debate back into focus: what exactly is organic – and how do we identify a genuine organic product?

Simply put, a product is organic if it is produced in a farming system that uses no chemicals, fertilizers, GMOs or artificial additives. Instead it relies on crop rotation, animal and plant manure, and biological pest controls. It is good both for us, and our planet. Following environmentally conscionable agro-ecology policies in growing food ensures a better future for our biodiversity and is nutritionally beneficial for us, including, some believe, lowering the risk of cancer.

But with so much organic stuff in the market, it is hard for the average consumer to sift authentic organic produce from something that may be just cashing in on the trend. So how does one make sure what we are eating is genuinely chemical-free? It is not exactly simple, but there are a few checks to do so.....Read more


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