How solar scheme will empower farmers

 The Delhi cabinet on Tuesday gave its nod to the Mukhyamantri Kisan Aay Badhotri Solar Yojana, which will give farmers engaged in agricultural activities a chance to enhance their incomes by allowing the installation of solar panels on their farmland. 
Briefing reporters after the cabinet meeting, chief minister Arvind Kejriwal said farmers would be able to earn 3-4 times their current annual income under the scheme. He said private companies would be allowed to install solar panels on not more than one-third of the total land. The farmers will be paid Rs 1 lakh per acre as rent with a 6% annual increase for 25 years. By the 25th year, the farmer will be getting Rs 4.04 lakh per acre as rent from these private companies. 

The chief minister added that the panels would be installed 3.5 metre from the surface to allow passage of tractors and unhindered farming activity. The farmers would also get 1,000 units of free electricity every year for each acre of land. “While farmers all over India are in distress, Delhi government is standing in support with them. A farmer currently earns Rs20,000-30,000 per acre from agricultural produce, we are launching this scheme to help them enhance their earnings manifold,” Kejrwial said. “We want to make this scheme a model for the country; it will be of great help to farmers in distress.”....Read more


Source web page: Times of india

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