Unseasonal pineapple cultivation benefits farmers in Tripura

Unseasonal cultivation of pineapple, made possible by horticulture scientists in Tripura, is providing more cash to farmers in the state.

"We used ethyl sodium carbonate chemicals for bearing fruit in winter which is not its proper season and we have been successful," Sujit Saha, a junior scientist of the Horticulture department, said.

The department carried out experiments on 30 hectare at a cost of Rs six lakh and was successful, he said.

Labourer Firoz Mia in West Tripura cultivated pineapples on one hectare of fallow land encouraged by the Horticulture Department last year and now 5000 pineapples have ripened in December which means an earning of about Rs 1,50,000..........Click for more


Source Web Page: The Hindu

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