Pride of Kashmir now comes to Kodaikanal

Kodaikanal will from now on share the pride of Kashmir in growing Saffron. A small group of farmers have successfully grown Saffron at Kavunji and Poondi villages on the Upper Kodaikanal hill, thanks to excellent climate and enriched soil condition.

Success of two-year field trial was the outcome of the hardwork and tireless efforts of farmers in these villages, said R. Murthy, former member of the National Horticulture Board and president of the Tamil Nadu Flower Growers Association, who introduced Saffron to farmers in Kodaikanal.

Central Institute of Tropical Crop director Nazir Ahmad was the first to encourage Mr. Murthy to try raising saffron in Kodaikanal at a horticulture training programme for tropical crops and saffron organised by ICAR in Kashmir two years ago. He also gave saffron bulbs [seeds] for field trial.

A group of farmers’ along with him raised saffron and conducted a field trial. Now, the results are amazing.

In Kashmir, the size of stigma is half an inch. In Kodaikanal, its size is three fourth of an inch and weight was eight to 10 gm. The group cut the stigma with style from the plant and separate the style and stigma through natural drying. With this success, farmers have planned to go in for mass production........Read more


Source: The Hindu

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