Himachal Pradesh Gets National Award In Horticulture

Himachal Pradesh has been declared the Best State in the Country for 'Adoption of Integrated Approach in the Field of Horticulture', by Union Ministry of Agriculture at a prestigious function organized in New Delhi last evening where Shri Sharad Pawar, Union Minister for Agriculture presented the Award to the State. It is 56th Award won by the State during past four years.

Chief Minister dedicated the Award to the horticulturists of the State and thanked them for adopting modern technology in managing their horticultural activities. He said that the horticulturists had been putting in hard labour to maintain their orchards and produce quality fruit which was in great demand in different market terminals of the country and abroad. He also congratulated the officers and functionaries of Horticulture Department who had worked over time to achieve such a distinction at national level. He said that the State had progressive horticulturists who were always open to adopt latest technology in the world to increase their yield which had made Himachal Pradesh popular as 'Apple State of India' the world over. He said that the horticulture sector was contributing about Rs. 2,200 crore annually which was 5.5 percent to the State Gross Domestic Product and major cash crop of the upper hilly areas happened to be horticulture only. He said that while the upper areas were producing quality apple, lower areas were also contributing immensely by producing peaches, kinnow, mango and other citrus fruit which were bound to make Himachal Pradesh 'Fruit Bowl of India'.........Read More


Source: IndianEducationDiary

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