Grow Veggies and Fruit in Your Geodesic Greenhouse

Talk to anyone with a greenhouse I guarantee they will talk your ear off about how much fresh veggies they have grown. And they should because food grown in a dome greenhouse is healthier and tastes better than food grown outdoors. Why is this you might ask? Well it comes down to the fact that when you grow in a geodome greenhouse you can totally control humidity, temperature and water. Therefore when you use top quality plant nutrients, add a little TLC and presto! You get food of the finest quality and taste whether you are growing fruit or veggies in your greenhouse dome.

Because of the advances in materials and techniques available to the geo dome greenhouse farmer, you now have an amazing choice of vegetables that you can grow for fun or profit once you have built your solar heated greenhouse. Many seed producers have developed garden seeds that work very well in the dome greenhouse – this means you get the most veggies for your time and energy........Read More


Source Web Page: Geodesic Greenhouse

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