Activists up in arms against cultivation of GM mustard

The State government has already taken a policy decision not to allow any GM crops. The commercial release of the GM mustard in Tamil Nadu is out of the question. However, that should not make the official machinery complacent; instead the authorities should tighten the measures to prevent its entry into the State and also promote measures to grow native varieties of mustard, said organic farming activists.

“Permission for any GM crop would pave way for other GM crops in due course. In the overall interest of food safety, the State government should register its opposition to GM mustard and convey it to the Centre in unequivocal terms,” said M Ananthoo, coordinator, Tamil Nadu Safe Food Alliance, a network of 400 organisations. With food being a State subject, Centre’s efforts to introduce GM mustard would infringe upon the rights of the State governments, he stressed.................Read more


Source: The New Indian Express

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