‘India needs a thousand more prefab factories’

‘Prefabricated construction can solve housing shortage’

Faisal E. Kottikollon, 53, founder and chairman of the Dubai-based KEF Holdings, ranks 41 in the Forbes’ Middle-East’s ‘Top 100 Indian Business Owners in the Arab World 2017’. Last year, KEF Holdings’ subsidiary, KEF Infra, opened a ?440-crore offsite prefabrication construction factory at Krishnagiri in Tamil Nadu, which he claims is the first in India and ‘one of the most advanced in the world’. Prefab construction, driven by cutting-edge technology, could help solve the housing shortage in the country, he said. Excerpts:

What spurred you to move out of valve manufacturing in the UAE to the untested prefab industry in India?

By the time I exited in 2012, the Emirates Techno Casting company I set up in Ajman in 1997 had emerged as one of the top three such foundries in the world.....................Read more


Source: The Hindu

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